Spornette Touche Foam Handle Nylon Bristle Aerated Thermo Rounder Hair Brush 2.5 inch 116


The 2 1/2 inch Touche thermo rounder features a 2 1/2inch diameter aluminum barrel with nylon bristles. The aluminum barrel heats up when used with a styling tool, such as a blow dryer, making it easy to add flip, curl and volume to your hair style. Each of the round brushes in the Touche collection also feature a foamy handle for added comfort and superior styling results.


  • 2 1/2 inch barrel
  • Foam handle and nylon bristles
  • Best when used on medium and longer hairstyles

WARNING: Aluminum barrels get very hot, very quickly, when used with a styling tool such as a hair dryer. Do not touch the barrel to your face, scalp or hand when using as it can easily burn you or the person whose hair you are working on.

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