Spornette Porcupine Hair Brush Boar and Nylon Bristle Rounder Wooden Handle 3.5 inch G36XXL


The Spornette Porcupine line of round brushes is an extremely popular line! This large round brush features a 3 inch diameter barrel with white nylon bristles on top of porcupine bristles. It has a hallowed barrel to reduce the weight for added comfort. The nylon bristles are longer than the boar bristles, which allow them to easily penetrate your long hair sections. The structure of this brush ensures the ultimate hold during the blow dry and style. Add this Porcupine round brush to your shopping cart, and continue browsing the Spornette line of brushes!


  • 3 inch barrel
  • Nylon and boar bristles and a wood handle
  • Best when used on long lengths

TIP: As a general rule, the length of the section to be styled or dried determines the diameter of the brush to be used. The longer the hair section, the larger the brush diameter needs to be.

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