Spornette Magnesium Miracle Hair Brush 2.75 Inch MG-5


Spornette Magnesium Miracle Hair Brush 275 Inch (MG-5) - The Magnesium Miracle Brush Performs Styling Miracles!

  • Aerated barrel is coated in Magnesium and heats up very rapidly.
  • Magnesium is a wonderful element that releases infra red energy & sanitizes the hair.
  • The inner core holds the Boar and Nylon bristles securely so they don't fall out.
  • The area between the barrel and the core increases hot air flow so hair drying & styling time is greatly reduced.
  • The completely closed cap also helps increase hot air circulation.
  • The one-piece double injected handle prevents hair from getting caught where the barrel joins the handle.
  • Innovative Nylon bristles withstand heat up to 400 degrees!
    Magnesium Barrel Benefits:
  • Absorbs and releases heat quickly to hair
  • Less time to dry and style hair
  • Rotating hot wind in empty space
  • Keeps barrel hotter to maintain heat
  • 45% higher heat conductive rate than Aluminum

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