Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated Rounder Hair Brush 2.5 inch 184


The mid-size of the Ion Fusion rounders, this 2 1/2inch round brush is perfect for medium hair lengths. It features an ouch-less handle, which is a one-piece handle that eliminates that nasty space where hair can often get tangled or caught. The Ion Fusion round brushes also feature a ceramic aerated barrel, which leaves hair soft and stretchable. Not to mention, the Ion Fusion brush line features a sleek, light blue color splash sure to fit in anywhere.


  • 2 1/2inch ceramic aerated barrel
  • Ouch-less, once piece handle
  • Best when used on medium hair lengths and styles

WARNING: Ceramic barrels get very hot when used with a hair dryer or other warm styling tool. Do not touch your face, scalp or hand with a hot barrel as it can easily burn you or the person whose hair you are working on.

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