Silk'n FaceFX Anti-Aging Device


FaceFX uses advanced Home Fractional (HF) Technology. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation system combines fractional red light energy and deep tissue heating to simulate collagen production. So you’ll enjoy incredible results like reduced wrinkles, smoothing of fine lines, and smaller pores after just a handful of treatments. FaceFX is carefully designed with safety in mind! There is a built-in skin temperature sensor to ensure the device does not exceed 41°C / 106°F
Clinical tests confirm these amazing results!
For most of us, the proof is in the results. That’s why we’ve conducted clinical testing to prove how effective FaceFX really is. Here are just some of the amazing results after a recent 8-week study. Test subjects reported:
  • 91% Improvement in skin texture
  • 69% Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • 47% Fading of spots on the skin
  • 78% Reduction of the pores

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