Silk'n Blue Acne Treatment Device


Say goodbye to acne and hello to clearer skin thanks to the all-new Silk’n Blue. The Silk’n Blue treats acne at the source with patented blue light energy and targeted dermal heating. The result is clearer skin and a more confident you.
The Silk’n Blue emits fractional blue light to penetrate the skin and destroy acne-causing bacteria at the source. At the same time, infrared heat targets problem oil glands and dehydrates them to prevent future breakouts.
The results really do speak for themselves. In a recent clinical study 91% of users had reduced acne breakouts. While over 45% of users reported completely clear skin in just 12 weeks!
And the best part? Treating your skin with Blue takes just 3 to 4 minutes a day for the first few weeks. Then, as your acne clears, maintenance treatments need only be performed once or twice per week.
There’s never been a better way to treat acne at home. No creams, no chemicals, just gentle, effective light and heat technology that destroy acne at the source. Order your Silk’n Blue today and start neutralizing bacteria immediately. Blue is FDA cleared, safe and user-friendly.

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