Ecrinal ANP Women's Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


ECRINAL SHAMPOO with ANP acts as an effective complement to ECRINAL ANP intensive treatment (Ampoules ANP 40 or Cream ANP 20).Recommended for cases of hair loss and anemic scalp The ANP in this shampoo has a stimulating effect on the hair root. It gently cleanses the hair without irritating the scalp.Especially recommended for hair that needs to be strengthened and fortified. Its use is therefore recommended in cases of anti-hair loss treatment.It can be used frequently since it’s gentle and pleasant to use.Its fresh, energizing fragrance makes the product particularly well appreciated by women. Wet the hair and apply the shampoo. Massage the scalp and hair. Leave for 1 minute. Rinse. If necessary, apply the shampoo a second time. Rinse the hair well and dry. 6.76 oz

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