Color Cocktail by Cricket Base & Glaze Brush


BASE AND GLAZE BRUSH Extra wide brush head for fast, full coverage

Hair coloring just got better with Cricket's NEW Color Cocktail Brushes! Five must-have coloring tools that are versatile in design and super comfortable to use. Color on People!
Pure Bristle Perfection
The key to great coloring brushes are the bristles. Color Cocktail Brushes are firm enough to distribute color and soft enough for client comfort. Designed to be durable (color after color).
Over-color Release
Too much color on the brush? The Over-color Release provides a natural runoff to avoid careless coloring.
Intuitive Grip & Section Tail
Whether you hold the brush like a pen or a paint brush, the touch-points have been designed to cater to comfort. Tail is ideal for weaving and sectioning hair.

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